Grow Bag - 10 Gallons - Steel Grey

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Breathable Fabric - Superior Air Pruning naturally and automatically prunes roots to cultivate strong, healthy plants

Air Pruning - Accelerate plant growth and increase yields

Heavy-Duty Reinforced Handles & Lightweight Design - Easily plant, relocate, and nurture your garden

Washable, Reusable, and Mold & Mildew Resistant - Hose off to clean, and reuse season after season, year after year

Collapsible - Stores flat when not in use


Grow Bags

How it Works

Made with breathable fabric that allows oxygen to flow through the soil.

This causes the roots to sense oxygen outside the bag and naturally prune themselves.

The results? Faster growth and increased yields!

Easily washable, just hose off and air dry.

Reinforced handles for easy relocation or transport

Collapsible for easy storage


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